Andrew Lloyd Webber reveals final moments with late son after tragic death, aged 43

Andrew Lloyd Webber reveals final moments with late son after tragic death, aged 43

Following his terrible demise at the age of 43, Andrew Lloyd Webber describes his last moments with his late son.

In a touching essay, Andrew Lloyd Webber paid tribute to his late son Nick, who unfortunately passed away last month after losing his battle with cancer.

The terrible death of Nicholas Lloyd Webber last month has brought back memories for Andrew Lloyd Webber of their last moments together.

The Little Prince composer lost his fight with illness at the young age of 43.

After penning a heartfelt essay about his dying moments, Andrew, 75, dedicated the Broadway production of Phantom of the Opera’s final curtain call to his adored son.

“An apple a day, if properly aimed, keeps the doctor away,” he said. I was using P.G. Wodehouse quotations when I was talking to my oldest son, Nick, who was a hospice patient who had just finished receiving cancer treatment.

“This one’s for you,” Nick chuckled. “Anybody ever witness a dramatic critic throughout the day? Obviously not. They emerge after dark and are mischievous.” We exchanged hugs before parting ways.

“My son passed away the next day. The loss of a kid is the worst thing that can happen to a parent “The New York Times reports.

Despite feeling “wrong in his bones” to write about Broadway just days after losing a loved one, the seasoned composer continued by asserting that he still owed “everything” to his “passion of wonderful musicals.”

The composer expressed his hope that Broadway would “rediscover its thirst for new music” in his concluding article, noting that “this has been a season of goodbyes, personal and public.”

In a tweet from last month, Andrew acknowledged that his eldest son, Nick, had passed away. He wrote: “I am saddened to have to announce that my beloved elder son Nicholas passed away a few hours ago in Basingstoke Hospital.”

We are all completely devastated as his entire family is gathered together. – ALW.

Nick made the decision to follow in his father’s footsteps after seeing his father develop into one of the most well-known composers in the West End. Nick had known from an early age that he too wanted to be a composer.

Nick went on to write Fat Friends The Musical, score The Little Prince adaptation, and compose music for a number of TV and movie soundtracks, including the BBC1 drama Loves, Lies, and Records.

Andrew used social media before his son passed away, tweeting: “I am heartbroken to report that my oldest son Nick is in serious condition.

“He has been battling gastric cancer for the past 18 months, as my friends and family are aware, and Nick is currently in the hospital.

“All of us hope Nick will turn the corner. His unflappable humour is helping him fight heroically, although right now I should be with him and his family “.