Beckett Rex, the son of Malcolm McDowell, has become the third contestant to leave this season of “American Idol,” and he has stated that “it was my choice” to leave the show

Beckett Rex was one of the finalists on American Idol, but unfortunately for fans of the show, they won’t get to see him perform because he decided to withdraw from the competition.

Even though he was in the Top 26 of the ABC reality show, Rex McDowell, whose renowned father is the English actor Malcolm McDowell, declared on social media that he was withdrawing from the competition.

“For those of you who are curious, the answer is yes; I competed on American Idol, and I made it to the top 26. “I’m not going to say why I didn’t decide to continue in the competition, but what I will say is that it was my choice,” read the statement that Rex uploaded on his Instagram Stories. “I’m not going to say why I didn’t decide to continue in the competition.”

The choice to leave the American Idol show was one that Beckett made for herself

After Beckett Rex made the decision to leave the show, it is possible that the producers of American Idol cut him out of the episodes so that he would not appear on the current season of the competition. The competition’s host, Ryan Seacrest, made the Top 26 finalist announcements and welcomed back previous contestant Paige Anne to the fray.

“Recently, one of the Top 26 decided to bow out of the competition, so we turned to the judges’ first alternate and gave her the life-changing news,” said Seacrest on Monday night’s episode. “We turned to the first alternate and gave her the life-changing news.”

Beckett’s unexpected departure comes on the heels of Sara Beth Liebe’s decision to leave the competition in order to be with her family in the United States. In addition to that, it came after Kaya Stewart quit the show because she fell ill and was unable to sing with the person she was supposed to duet with.