After the resurfacing of previous partnership videos between Maybelline and Mac Cosmetics and transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney on Twitter, calls to boycott Maybelline and Mac Cosmetics began trending on the social media platform.

She first came to the attention of internet users after her work for Bud Light, which went viral earlier this month, was released. Anheuser-Busch’s inclusiveness initiatives have been referred to as “gender propaganda” by the beer company’s more conservative customer base, which created controversy in response to the alliance.

As a result of the controversy surrounding Bud Light, other firms, such as Nike and Olay, who had cooperated with Dylan also experienced criticism on social media. Now Maybelline and Mac Cosmetics have joined their ranks, as outraged tweets are attacking these two firms for their previous partnerships with the TikTok star. [C]osmetics brands are being targeted because of their previous collaborations with the TikTok star.

A look at the collaboration between Dylan Mulvaney and Maybelline
Twitter users who adhere to the right-wing ideology are attacking a video that Dylan released in March of this year that was sponsored by Maybelline.

In the video, which was recorded on March 14, 2018, the 26-year-old can be seen transitioning into her full-glam image to demonstrate Maybelline products.

The caption for this photo reads, “Getting glam for my Day 365 show @maybelline #maybellinepartner.”

At the very end of the video, Dylan not only demonstrates how to use the renowned Maybelline New York Instant Age rewind concealer, but she also applies a dab of lipstick to her lips. In the video, she can be seen appearing as her typically upbeat and bubbly self.

The relationship that Dylan has with Mac Cosmetics is coming under scrutiny.
In addition to her collaboration with Maybelline, Dylan’s past work with Mac Cosmetics has also been criticised by the same group of Twitter users who have been critical of her Maybelline partnership.

An older film that was produced by Mulvaney in collaboration with Mac Cosmetics to promote the Viva Glam campaign of the brand on World AIDS Day 2022 has been unearthed by the incensed users.

While doing so, Dylan discusses the effects that HIV and AIDS have had on the transgender community. At the same time, she applies a full face of makeup using Mac products. Despite the upbeat message conveyed in the film, some Twitter users have been extremely critical of it.