Can the Seahawks get Anthony Richardson at No. 5?

In recent weeks, strange movements and alterations have occurred at the top of the draught. And it’s possible that things will get much stranger in the following days.

What about this? The Seahawks are rumoured to be interested in Florida quarterback Anthony Richardson with the fifth overall choice in the draught.

To say the least, it would be unexpected. Some feel the Seahawks will select Richardson at No. 5 if he is available.

The signing of quarterback Geno Smith to a three-year, $105 million contract gives the Seahawks enormous flexibility. Given the deal’s structure, they may walk away after one year and $28 million. As a result, a player like Richardson could wait on the bench for a year (or two) before playing.

On the surface, it appears strange that the Seahawks would do it. They only dodged a situation in which the quarterback had become too much of a focal point for the team last year. Why create a situation in which the quarterback position receives undue emphasis once a quarterback is selected with the fifth overall pick?

Nonetheless, the conversation continues. And the Seahawks have had no reservations about taking a quarterback with that pick.

Could this all be a ruse to entice someone else to trade up for the pick? Absolutely. Regardless, at a time when there is a lot of speculation, Richardson is a very real option for the Seahawks at No. 5.

Keep in mind that Richardson has superstar potential. And if he does become a superstar, it may be easier for coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider to keep their positions once the team is sold next May, when the requirement to return 10% of the purchase price to the state of Washington is eliminated.