Christie Brinkley

Christie Brinkley, who is 69 years old, showed off her toned legs in a pantsless beach photo that she posted on Instagram

Just now, Christie Brinkley provided the internet with the most heartwarming Earth Day statement.
The supermodel, who is 69 years old, stood on a beach with her arms up high and her legs bare in a post that she made over the weekend on Instagram. She said in the caption, “Here’s to you Mother Earth,” referring to the earth. She exuded an air of complete and utter nonchalance. And my goodness, those thighs and calves are to die for!
Christie, who is passionate about having fun outside, maintains her shape by leading a physically active life and regularly engaging in strenuous activities such as going on long walks or bike rides. (In addition to her physical training!)
Since Christie Brinkley is the undisputed queen of having fun outside, it is only inevitable that she would have just posted the most adorable Instagram homage on Earth Day.

In it, the supermodel, who is 69 years old, can be seen standing on a beach while wearing a striped button-down shirt but no trousers, so displaying her incredibly toned legs. Despite the fact that the photograph was taken from behind, she is shown with her arm raised and a smile on her face.

She said in the caption, “Here’s to you Mother Earth,” referring to the earth. “We are grateful that you have provided for us all that our hearts could desire or that our bodies require for survival, from food to astonishing beauty and miracles! You are the most charitable planet in all of the known reaches of space. I can only hope that people on Earth may one day learn to treat you with the same respect that you show us. 🌎♻️💚”

In the comments, many expressed their delight in her success. “I want to express my gratitude to you for drawing attention to the state of our world. Someone said, “You are amazing!,” while another person said, “Great outfit and best legs!!!”