How stormy weather may affect Cubs' game Thursday night

How the severe weather can effect the Cubs’ game on Thursday night

There is a possibility that storms that are rolling through the area will cause Thursday’s Cubs game to be postponed or delayed. A front might move through Chicago just as the Cubs and Dodgers are getting ready to throw the first pitch in their game, according to the Interactive Radar provided by the NBC 5 Storm Team.T

Thursday’s Cubs’ game to be postponed or delayed

On Thursday, the Chicago Cubs are scheduled to play at Wrigley Field at 6:40 p.m., and according to the forecast models, a round of storms and potentially severe weather is expected to impact the Chicago area about 6 p.m. However, any delays that might occur during the Cubs game might only be brief. It is anticipated that the system would move through Kankakee and into Northwest Indiana by 7 o’clock in the evening. According to the NBC 5 Storm Team’s forecast for Thursday evening, there is a chance that some scattered showers and storms could continue, but they should clear out by midnight.

Forecast models indicate that the most significant risks associated with the system expected to move across the region on Thursday are destructive gusts of up to 60 miles per hour and huge hail of up to a half dollar in size. According to the NBC 5 Storm Team, there is also a “non-zero” threat of tornadoes, in addition to the possibility of flooding occurring.

What takes place throughout the afternoon hours will have an effect on the severity of the storms that are expected later in the day. In the event that the region is heated up by sunshine and higher temperatures, the risk of severe weather during the late afternoon and nighttime hours will grow. According to the National Weather Service, the likelihood of a severe danger is reduced when the atmosphere is kept cool by factors such as rain and gloomy skies.

An notice issued by the NWS states, “If cloud cover and showers keep temperatures colder than expected this afternoon, then that would greatly reduce the risk of any severe weather,” and then goes on to explain how this would affect the likelihood of any severe weather occurring. However, if there is some brightness this afternoon and temperature are able to heat up, then conditions would likely become favourable for severe thunderstorms late this afternoon and into very early this evening. This forecast is based on the assumption that there will be some sunshine this afternoon.

According to the NBC 5 Storm Team, “all weather elements are in play” if those conditions do end up occurring. Although the risk of a tornado is low, it cannot be completely discounted as a possibility.