Shanna Moakler

Shanna Moakler received backlash from Kourtney Kardashian when she referred to her marriage to Travis Barker as “weird”.

Kourtney Kardashian gave the impression that she was critical of Shanna Moakler for the comments that she made about Kourtney’s marriage to Travis Barker.

The reality TV actress posted two unique Bible quotes on Instagram along with a message of her own in order to respond to the recent comments that were made about her marriage and the relationship she has with her stepchildren.

“So much criticism, negativity, and hate lately,” the founder of Poosh said, omitting Moakler’s name from the sentence. “Let’s do better for ourselves, our children, and our friends and family if we can’t do it for the world,” the slogan reads.

She continued by saying, “I promise the negativity and hate will not make you feel happier,” which was quoted in In Touch Weekly.

“I know the positive far outweighs the negative, but it’s still hard not to be aware of it, and it feels like every little action is criticised,” Kardashian said as she came to a conclusion. “It feels like every little action is criticised.” Imagine all the good things we could accomplish if we had that much energy.

This comes after Moakler discussed her ex-husband’s marriage to a star from The Kardashians and described it as “weird” while on the Miss Understood With Rachael Uchitel podcast.

“I wish them nothing but the best, and as long as they’re good to my kids, that’s all I care about, but I think the whole thing is really weird,” the model said. “I think it’s really strange that they would do something like that.”

It’s hard for me to think of anything nice to say about it. “It’s not because I’m resentful, and there’s no way I could possibly be envious,” she continued.

“We haven’t been together since almost 2010 to ’12, and I don’t even know him,” she claimed of her marriage to the drummer for Blink 101. “I don’t even know who he is.” “I don’t know what his favourite movie is, and I also don’t know what his favourite food or colour is.”

“We only have our 17-year-old, who will be 18 this year, before our work will be finished here, and we never have the opportunity to meet or talk to each other ever again,” the speaker said. “We will never have to see or talk to each other again.” I eagerly anticipate when it will come.